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About Location : 

Bairat Khai (The Princess of Hills), also known as Bairat Khai Pass is 25 km east from Chakrata where people can witness 180 degree view of snow-covered himalayas throughout the year in the north. Situated at an altitude of about 1990 meters, Bairat Khai is surrounded by the peaks of Chorani Dhar at 2300 meters in the west and Julioki Dhar at 2150 meters also known as Tiger hill locally in the eastern side. Bairat Khai has deep valleys on the north and southern side of the pass where you can see villages and houses built in the valleys. Tourists flock here to witness snowfall in the winters and pleasant weather in summers also attract the tourists in huge numbers.

The area has an abundance of conifers, rhododendrons and oaks. The red rhododendrons are the most abundantly found in this region. The attractions near Bairat Khai are:

  • Tiger Falls is one of the highest direct waterfalls in Uttarakhand. It is 20 km from Chakrata and has an elevation of 312 ft.

  • Budher Cave (Moila Top) is a picturesque meadow at an altitude of 2800 metres. The Karst landscapes of Budher are home to a network of ancient limestone caves.

  • Koti Kanasar is surrounded by one of the best-rated Deodar forest of Asia. About 25 km from Chakrata market on Tuini Road, the roads are not in the best shape. The meadows and giant trees more than make up for the bumpy drive. It is one of the best picnic spots near Chakrata. A forest rest house in Kanasar and some tented accommodation allows visitors to spend a night here on prior booking.

  • Chirmiri sunset point at 4 km from main Chakrata market is a picturesque plateau offering one of the best views of sunset.

  • Deoban perched at about 2900 meters offers a panoramic view of the Himalayas.

  • Mundali meadows are hard to access yet hold a huge potential for winter sports.

  • Lakhamandal is an ancient Hindu temple complex dedicated to Shiva and associated with the Pandavas. It is slightly further from Chakrata and may take almost a whole day of driving and coming back. For heritage and a long drive, this Archaeological Survey of India protected site is a must visit.

Bairat Khai is one of the most eye catching and heart touching places of Distt- Dehradun and forms part of village Rampur, Tehsil Kalsi comes under Chakrata constituency. It is 40 Km far from Vikasnagar and Approxi 80 Km far from Dehradun City, It is connected with mussoorie and Yamnotri through Yamnotri and Mussoorie marg and the distance between mussoorie and Bairat khai is about 54 Km and Yamnotari is about 143 km. In Bairat Khai the view of Hiamalyas seems like the glory of the God , fresh air makes you feel healthy and energetic and the jungle of buransh trees with full of flowers blossoming in summers makes surroundings gleaming and snowfall in winters attracts tourist in high numbers from different places of country. 

The geographical region inhabited by the 'Jaunsari' tribe, which traces its origin from the Pandavas of Mahabharata. Ethnically, Jaunsar-Bawar comprises two regions, inhabited by the two predominant tribes: 'Jaunsar', the lower half, while the snow-clad upper region is called 'Bawar', which includes, the 'Kharamba peak' (3084 mts.). On the prospect of Kalsi, Kalsi is one of the oldest places of India, The discovery of Ashokan edictsat Kalsi near Dehradun show that the area was quite prosperous. Bairat khai is the symbol of the place where  tourists can feel mental peace and can get in touch with the beauty of nature. Bairat Khai comes in Chakrata constituency and in Chakrata, there are different striking places which attract the tourist from all over the country like Delhi, Punjab, UP and from west and south also. The people of Bairat Khai and from nearby villages are very social and have supportive temperament.

About Our Property : 

Vertical Valley Resort is decent to cater to the needs of travellers who are looking for nature, leisure, adventure and journey to Bairatkhai, Chakrata in Uttarakhand. Trip to Chakrata is an experience that you will cherish for a long time; probably all of your life.

Vertical Valley Resort has its extremely eco-friendly arrangements. Designed for invigorating guests with nature-closed treatment and utter comfort, this resort has raised the standard of eco-friendly stay. Overseeing the enchanting 180-degree Himalayan View, this resort is beautifully built with the concept of Swiss Cottages and Camping Tent. It offers the extreme comfort and luxury bind with nature’s love and has truly defined the adventurous staying life with full of security and safety. Merged with the true essence of regal aura and modern comfort, you will experience the best stay of lifetime in here.


Our vision is to be recognized as a highly respected industry leader in hotel development, management and in giving value to owners and a great place to work for team members.



Our mission is to provide excellent hospitality through our core values – Service excellence, Loyalty, Passionate, Innovation, Integrity and Respect.


  1. Service Excellence - We are committed to the pursuit of EXCELLENCE IN OUR SERVICES.

  2. Loyalty - We symbolize LOYALTY by working collaboratively with our guests, Team members, partners and suppliers to exceed shared goals.

  3. Passionate - We are PASSIONATE about customer satisfaction and offering memorable stays and lasting memories.

  4. Innovation – We constantly strive for a perfect blend of tradition and INNOVATION as per global trends.

  5. Integrity - We believe that INTEGRITY is essential in all our dealings.

  6. Respect - We RESPECT all our partners & team members and ensure that our relationships are mutually beneficial.

  7. Foodstuff- We will serve hygienic food to our customers/guests and will also maintain the quality of the food.

Our Location Advantages:

Bairat Khai, Rampur, Kalsi, Chakrata constituancy, Dehradun of Uttarakhand, will be an apt location for putting up a first-class hotel/resort.  Bairat Khai is situated at an elevation of approx 1991 meters(6600 feet) from sea level while the resort site has an elevation of approx 1900-1850 meters (6300-6100 feet) from sea level.  The peak above the resort site has an elevation of approx 2250 meter (7425 feet) from sea level.  Chorani Dhar is the highest nearest peak at an approx elevation of 2295 meter (7550 feet) from sea level, 4 km from Bairat Khai.  Julioki danda top just next to Bairat Khai is approx 2150 meters (7100 feet) from sea level.

  1. It offers to its tourists a safe and secure enviorment.

  2. It is also very easily accessible by Road. It also can be the leading tourist destination place of India.

  3. Around  20 thousand tourists per month visit Bairat Khai to feel the calm atmosphere and observe the charm of the location attentively.

  4. The potential of Eco-tourism and snow viewing has also grown with a constant increase in number of vacationers visiting Bairatkhai Lokhandi, Tigerfall, Chilmiri top-sunset point, Devban, Moila Top, Ramtal garden, Chorani, Koti-Kanasar and many more places


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